The good news about the election is that when you are finally able to get in to see your unionized government doctor, the euthanasia shot he gives you will be paid for by some rich atheist that you never met–as authorized by a death panel in a far distant state. Best of all, nobody will have any remorse. Like the Borg from Star Trek, who commit evil without a conscience, our society is rapidly moving to evil without emotions.

Texans, the only way to avoid tyranny is secession! Let’s get out now before it’s too late. Secession is no longer just a nice thought. It is a matter of survival. Our choice is to stay on a ship that is certain to sink, or to get off now and enjoy a chance for survival. A free and independent Texas will have a relative economic boom even as the rest of America collapses. Freedom-loving people everywhere will be moving here, fueling a sustainable moral and economic advantage for Texas.

The momentum has begun. In 2009 a Rasmussen poll showed that 25% of Texans favored secession. A poll just after the recent elections by WOAI-TV in San Antonio showed that 54% of Texans are ready to secede. I believe this number will continue to grow as we rationally explain why objections to secession are not valid.

See the list of things you can do at the bottom of the side bar to the right.



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  1. Charles Green

    The greatest threat to seceeding is fear among social security recipients of losing their income. As an independent state, Texas could, for a limited time, print their own currency to remove this obstacle. This would mean taking some risk for the state, but this is no different than an individual going into debt to buy a home or a capitalist taking risk to start an enterprise. Such risk for the state is miniscule in comparison to knowing the United States will definitely go bankrupt.

  2. Jon Seeger

    This Constitiution is EXCELLENT!!! Love it!

  3. I am certainly impressed with this comprehensive document. I have a daughter who was Tezas-born so she would not need a passport. I do have a particular concern What happens to NASA?

  4. E. Fred Fashbaugh

    My heart aches but I believe that only an act toward seccesion will make the other 50 states realize the depth of the depraved government. I am working there and would have to “immigrate” from Colorado.

  5. I have already expressed interest in secession. Although I was born in Texas as were our birth children (my wife was born in Arkansas) and we currently live in Louisiana, I feel the time has come for secession. With Indiana giving the republican nomination to trump, the next president of the US will be Hilary Clinton. The next supreme court justice will be nominated by her and will be accepted by congress. The US has now passed the point of no return. Judge Napolitano stated that the law granting Texas the right to secession was NEVER abrogated. I have read on some sites that it was, but he states that that right still exists. If needs be, we will move the 30 miles west to be back living in Texas again prior to secession. I have lost the small amount of hope I had for the future of the US. My hope now rests with The Republic of Texas.

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