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Proposed Concepts for the Constitution of the New Republic of Texas

The United States federal government has usurped its power under its Constitution. It has become oppressive and unresponsive to the people of America. Under both major political parties, it has lost control of its fiscal responsibilities which will irreparably harm us and our posterity. It is time that Texans free ourselves from such oppression and peacefully secede. But before doing so, we should have direction for a new Republic. This document is an outline for concepts to be incorporated in the new Constitution for the independent Republic of Texas. It’s purpose is to give Texans a hopeful vision for a new government. It is an attempt to reflect the compassionate conservative principles of the freedom-loving heritage and faith of a majority of Texans.

Reasons for Texas to Peacefully Secede:

(1) Freedom. We would control our own destiny.

(2) Financial. A free and independent Texas would experience an unprecedented economic boom. People would be moving here in droves. Whatever debt we have to assume of our share of the US government could be paid off.


The Republic of Texas acknowledges the grand experiment in self-government of the United States of America. The Constitution of the Republic of Texas seeks to end the usurpation of power and abuses of the rule of law that the US Constitution has suffered.



The new Constitution for Texas should be consistent with, and incorporate essentially equivalent language of, these existing documents:

In addition, we acknowledge and incorporate the uniquely important aspects from America’s key documents:

  • The preamble to the Declaration of Independence of the United States, especially the statement (combining the first and second paragraphs): “We hold these truths to be not only evident from the Laws of Nature and of nature’s God but also to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights [objective moral values], that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”


Further, we propose these inclusions:


  • Citizens of the State of Texas who have attained the age of 50 at the time of secession from the United States have the right retain their citizenship in the United States, either having dual citizenship or to retain only citizenship in the United States thus becoming a legal alien resident of Texas.

The Economy

  • Texans believe in free enterprise solutions over statist—that is, socialist/Marxist—tyrannies; private solutions over public; freedom over authoritarian central planning. All of these government solutions—no matter how well-intentioned—have proven themselves to be ultimately oppressive to the citizens by reducing freedom and slowing economic growth and innovation. We reject utopian socialist (government run or mandated) solutions and Marxist (redistribution of wealth) ideologies as they are often inefficient and harm the intended beneficiaries in the long run. Rather, we embrace solutions which incorporate independence, self-reliance, and initiative as best promoting the greatest common good and the general welfare. History also proves that governments unchecked inevitably usurp power and place an economic burden on their people. Accordingly, the Republic of Texas may not levy taxes of any sort—either to individuals or to corporations—totaling more than 15% of the Republic’s GDP. Similarly, the Republic may not spend more than 15% of GDP (List of countries by tax revenue as percentage of GDP).  This provision may not be amended except by a three-fourths vote of both the legislature and the people. If this provision is in conflict with other sections of the Constitution, this provision shall govern.

  • The Legislature, in its wisdom—in order to effect a more efficient and equitable tax structure and to further property rights—is impowered at its election to abolish property taxes levied in Texas. In such case, the Republic shall provide revenues as reasonably necessary to county and local governments. Such revenue sharing shall be in proportion to the level of economic activity in each county. In such circumstance, the 15% taxation limit of GDP shall be increased to 20%.

  • There shall be no corporate income tax as this discourages business formation, businesses moving to Texas, and is effectively double taxation on individuals.

  • Texans support the belief that free market capitalism is the best method to enhance the economy. History confirms that overregulation and most incursions by government into economic matters—no matter how well-intentioned—do more harm than good in the long run. The role of government is to encourage rather than discourage free markets and enterprise. We reject the practice whereby government uses its power to subsidize one favored enterprise at the expense of another, or to penalize large companies simply because of their size. Accordingly, the Republic should not interfere in market systems except in (a) emergencies, (b) overwhelming moral implication, (c) and except in situations elsewhere expressly permitted by this Constitution. However, the Republic may aid free markets by providing information that may help consumers and businesses make choices without dictating what choices market participants may make. Enumerated exceptions:

a.) In order that our economy have a sound financial system, the legislature may set reasonable capital requirements for banks and initial equity requirements for home buyers that it deems consistent with market practices and a sound financial system.

b.) The legislature may pass legislation that protects the environment of Texas. That is, laws shall prohibit spillover costs created by one entity to the benefit of itself but to the environmental detriment of others. Such legislation must not put undue burden on any entity.

  • While we embrace the concept that all people are created equal by God and are thus equal under the law, we reject the notion that society should work toward equality of economic outcomes. Thus we reject the notion that a primary function of government is to use its power to take from one class of people in order to redistribute wealth to another class. Justice is not served by using the power of the state to effect wealth redistribution—this being tantamount to theft. Further, history clearly shows that such Marxist ideology inevitably hinders incentives and employment and thus has a negative effect ultimately on the entire economy and on those who are the intended beneficiaries of such wealth redistribution. This Constitution specifically prohibits a graduated income tax in which higher levels of income are taxed at a higher percentage rate. If an income tax is instituted in Texas, all those who pay such tax shall be taxed at the same percentage rate.

  • We reject false promises of utopianism which the statist uses to justify all trespasses on the individual’s private property, sovereignty, and liberty.

  • Thrift is a trait deemed healthy for society. The Republic shall maintain and enhance the Rainy Day fund to be a source of money for emergencies. This fund may be used to help pay of debts payable to the U.S. government as a result of secession. Further, the Legislature shall encourage individuals to save for healthcare and retirement.

  • The Republic should use as its currency the US dollar until such time as the legislature deems that a more sound currency should be adopted.



  • Texans believe in family, community, faith, and local control in preference to higher orders of civil government. Accordingly, all matters of public education shall be exclusively in the hands of local school districts and counties and the Republic shall not interfere in matters of curriculum. Parents shall have the right to send their children to any school of their choice, subject to space availability and admission requirements at the school. Alternative schools, private schools, and home schooling are encouraged.

  •  Only citizens are eligible to vote who either (1) own property in Texas, or (2) have a high school degree and have passed a semester of each of these topics: political science, American/Texas history, economics, and logic.

Church and State

  • We reject government by theocracy but embrace, as did the founders of America, the concept of Natural Law, divined by God and discernable by reason and biblical revelation—unalienable rights that are not conferred on man by man, and therefore cannot be legitimately denied to man by man. This Constitution should contain a statement of our absolute reliance on God. And there should be strong statement of acknowledgement, encouragement, and appreciation of the role of the Judeo-Christian heritage in the hearts, minds, and actions of Texans—as well as in the laws and institutions of Texas (The Bible and Government). Paraphrasing the important US Northwest Ordinance (Article 3): “Religion and morality, being necessary for good government and the happiness of mankind, shall ever be encouraged.”

  • We acknowledge the uniquely American “public policy trinity” expressed in the US Pledge of Allegiance: God, Liberty, Justice. This “trinity” is key to understanding the successful American experiment. It is a three-legged stool. If God is not there, ethics and rights are defined by whoever has the most power, thus can be taken away. And in order to have liberty, we must have justice to control man’s selfish propensities within a moral framework and the Rule of Law. And justice can only be defined by an understanding of evil, which is only meaningful within the context of objective moral values and our Christian heritage.

  • Texas affirms a separation of authority between church and state. But we reject the notion that God is to be totally separated from government. Accordingly, we affirm the right of citizens to acknowledge God in public settings. The church is free to influence the state through moral suasion without fear that the state shall muzzle it. Thus faith is not a threat to society but rather vital to its survival. We remember such statements as the following from America’s first two presidents:

a.) President George Washington (Farewell Address): “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indespensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens. The mere politician, equally with the pious man, ought to respect and to cherish them. A volume could not trace all their connections with private and public felicity. Let us simply be asked where is the security for prosperity, for reputation, for life, if the sense of religious obligation desert the oaths, which are the instruments of investigation in the courts of justice? And let us with caution indulge the supposition, that morality can be ever maintained without religion. Whatever my be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.”

b.) President John Adams: “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”



  • Texas rejects the expansive welfare state as history shows conclusively that overreaching government welfare programs are wasteful and tend to perpetuate poverty. Instead, this constitution directs the legislative branch to encourage compassionate alternatives that are personal and voluntary on the part of the giver, and challenging, spiritual, and life-changing on the part of the recipient. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is recognized that there are people who are incapable of being self-reliant—either temporarily or permanently—and the Republic of Texas is be committed to finding solutions to such as are in need.

  • The Republic shall not assume unfunded liabilities, burdening future generations. Such unfunded liabilities include unfunded promises for retirement income benefits.

  • In addition to the Health Savings Accounts, the Legislature is hereby directed to encourage comprehensive health care solutions that rely on the private sector and minimize the cost to the Republic. Such solutions should, where reasonable and practible, be owned by the citizens rather than their employer in order for solutions to be more responsive to each individual’s needs, thus being (a) portable, and (b) provide for incentives for the citizen to practice a healthy lifestyle. Healthcare should contain the “Four C’s”: Competition (citizens should be allowed to buy policies from insurance carriers outside of Texas), Cash (take the middle man out of the equation as much as possible), Catastrophic Insurance (high deductible insurance at low cost), Charity (encouragement of faith based groups to provide health insurance and care.) Nothing in this Constitution shall prohibit corporations from providing health care to its workers.

  • The Legislature may establish a Texas Compassion Fund. This fund, if established at he pleasure of the Legislature, would provide money for those in need. All assets of the fund should come from voluntary private donations.

  • We affirm the right of the Republic to provide nondiscriminatory aid to church groups for specifically limited matters of social welfare and compassion ministries. Nothing in the Constitution shall require such aid. Nothing in this Constitution shall limit a church’s ability to share its religious views with recipients of such aid. 


  • The Constitution shall include language welcoming and encouraging immigrants, but controlling immigration. It shall direct the legislative and executive branches to

a.)   establish and maintain a process by which people who are literate and of clean records, who desire temporary permits to access Texas to obtain employment or other valid purpose, may obtain them. The Republic may accept such applications from non-citizens who are residing within Texas even though here illegally, as well as those outside of Texas. However, if accepted for the permit, illegal aliens are subject to a tax penalty on earnings. This establishes a rational and compassionate process to assimilate people residing here illegally who are a beneficial part of Texas culture without amnesty.
b.)   establish and maintain a process by which people holding legal permits may work toward citizenship
c.)   limit immigration to a generous but specific annual limit consistent with what the Republic can absorb
d.)   consider special rights to US citizens desiring to be citizens of Texas
e.)   ensure that people residing and working in Texas are doing so legally
f.)    secure our borders from illegal entry

Other considerations on immigration include: (1) Children of illegal aliens born in Texas are not automatically citizens. (2) Illegals aliens are not entitled to welfare services from tax dollars, such services being provided only by private organizations.

  • The official language of Texas shall be English. The Republic shall, at its expense, at least periodically, provide evening English classes at locations around the Republic convenient to all citizens.


  • The Legislature may override the decisions of the courts by a two-thirds majority vote.

  • This Constitution should include revised methodologies to more easily impeach judges who are deemed to be legislating from the bench. All state-wide judges may be removed from office by a 60% vote of the people. All state-wide judges should therefor be on the ballot for potential removal every 4 years.


  •  The Legislature shall provide for a military.

Postal Service

  • The Legislature may contract with private firms or with the US Postal Service for mail delivery.

Original Intent

  • This Constitution is to be interpreted as written and faithful to its original intent.


James Henley Thornwell statement about the Confederate States:

How Capitalism Saved America by Thomas DiLorenzo

Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin

The Tragedy of American Compassion by Marvin Olasky




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40 responses to “

  1. Judy Hudgens

    I know there are people living in Mexico who are collecting Social Security payments from the United States. If Texas were to secede, would senior citizens and the disabled who are currently enrolled be able to continue receiving their Social Security payments?

    • Yes, Judy. My understanding is that it does not matter where you reside in order to receive Social Security payments. If Texas secedes, one would probably be able to retain US citizenship, so be eligible to receive Social Security, even if you reside in Texas. However, Medicare seems to be another issue. You apparently cannot receive Medicare outside the US. Larry Kilgore, candidate for governor on a secession platform, has more info on his Facebook website:

      • B. Glass

        This link does not work at all.

      • Tim

        what about Veterans and their benefits. I know Texas has benefits for Texas Vets, but Texas Vets are considered those who enlisted or re inlisted while residing in TX. In some terms I am considered a Texas Vet, and some I am not. I believe this issue needs more clarification as well.
        Also, my benefits now come from the US Government, will that issue be the same as Social Security?
        I noticed you had some information on people of 50, but how will residence be decided for others. I came to TX in 2006 with the Army, and have lived here ever since, as well as claimed it as my home and final resting place…

      • freetexasconstitution

        Something like this would have to be negotiated probably.

      • Tim

        It would have to be negotiated, but I am wondering how people already think it would play out, just like the social security issue, as well as welfare. Everything would have to be put into the state level. Which would mean alot of planning.
        Do not get me wrong though, I am all for Texas Suceeding

  2. David

    Well thought out. Your basis of a constitution is great. Texas should continue its secession movement of the 1850s. Keep up the good work. God speed.

  3. B. Glass

    I really liked this post. It’s missing one thing, though. It says that we would use the U.S. dollar as our currency. Since part of the reason that we want to secede is that the dollar is failing, why not use gold and silver? Just throwing that out there.

  4. Was noticing your link on Socialism not being compassion. Your link’s out of date, though I eventually found the article down below. Here’s the actual link: I don’t know of anyone but Democrats that argue that Socialism’s aim is compassion, instead of simply keeping the wheels of society running smoothly. Every single American is a socialist, unless they GENUINELY BELIEVE things like the cops, military, and prisons should be run by private enterprise/capitalism and have a vested interest in profits. Socialism isn’t bad, UNLESS it obviously goes WAY WAY WAY WAY too far. Socialism is a matter of degrees, as far as how much we ALL agree with. It’s not the antithesis of Capitalism.

    Government should stop paying for schools (AND LIBRARIES) and that should be the understood responsibility of every Church and every private charity that’s over a certain size and committed to goals of development of the whole man. Many socialists do agree that nationalized healthcare is going a little too far, however every “for profit” University is the butt of innumerable jokes in academia ’cause they’re filling quotas and offering substandard education. Problem’s not with socialism, though, when it comes to education. Socialism fills a need BECAUSE the Church is doing nothing about educating ENOUGH youth WITHOUT requiring tuition from families that CAN’T afford it.

    I have YET TO SEE a school that’s run by anyone other than perhaps the Catholics and strictly for orphanages that doesn’t charge $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ tuition of the families. When there have been economic booms, the private sector hasn’t launched an attack on starting schools as nonprofits that wouldn’t either rely on the government, nor charge the families $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Socialism (at it’s core, though obviously it’s HORRIBLY abused by athiests and agnostics with a god complex) is about covering the costs that I’ve YET TO SEE a Church or some other private institution cover in those areas of life where profit shouldn’t be made AT THE EXPENSE OF PEOPLE who might not otherwise have choices/chances in life over $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Prisons that are for profit have a vested interest in keeping people locked up, rather than in going out of business.

    Military and cops that are for profit, rather than socialized, are usually thought of as thugs that are abused by the private sector. If you believe the government should have control over the military, the cops, and prisons, then you’re unquestionably a SOCIALIST, — EVEN IF — you don’t agree with going ANY FURTHER. But while the military, cops, and prisons were the sole responsibility of the government at tax payer expense, that was never thought at odds to Capitalism. Obviously, if one industry is Socialized, then go grow corn, or write a book, make teaching videos that eventually receive accreditation and usage by SOCIALIZED schools. Problem isn’t with socialism, but with DEGREES OF SOCIALISM that in the view of each individual are EITHER thought to have gone too far, or are thought to not have gone far enough!

  5. Misty Ramos

    I love this! I pray this happens for us Texans, …& am ready to see a change for us … My beautiful state.. Texas! No more waiting lets get this going ..& I love how well this was thought out. I can see that our people “Texas” care about what happens to us. Thank you all

  6. Tim Pierce, Fort Worth TX.

    What is our next step? There are a few things that may need tweaking but the United States is going down the drain and you are on the right track. I want to know more.

  7. Kirk

    A good start, but there needs to be a few holes filled to prevent left wing types from twisting and abusing it through excessive laws of enormous size such that no one could possibly comply, or through treaties that override it. A section or amendment that would stop all of this would be as follow:
    TREATIES: No treaty shall take supremacy over the Republic of Texas Constitution. No treaty is permanently binding, and each treaty shall have a 10 year limit at which time it must be re-approved or expire.

    LEGAL CODE: No law passed by the legislature and signed into law by the Governor (or President of the Republic) shall exceed 10 type written pages of 8.5 x 11 paper in 12 point font (larger fonts are allowed if desired), and standard one inch margins. Further, all laws shall have an enforcement limit of 10 years at which time they must be re-approved or expire. No law shall trump any part of the Republic of Texas Constitution. All laws passed by the government of the Republic of Texas apply to all citizens equally. No government person(s) shall exempt themselves from the laws they pass.

    REGULATIONS: No entity may impose regulations without first having said regulations passed as law by the Legislature, and signed by the Governor/President. All regulations are then under the same term limits as any other law in that they must be re-approved every 10 years or expire.

    TERM LIMITS: No citizen of the Republic of Texas shall serve more than 8 years total in the government. Only citizens of the Republic of Texas may serve in the Republic of Texas’ government. This includes any elective office. No pensions shall be granted for service in government, however the Legislature may determine a reasonable yearly salary for the various elected officials of all three branches. The term limits do not apply to service in the Republic’s military which shall be defined in its own section.

    UNIONS: No public sector employees of the Republic at any level are allowed to unionize. This includes police, fire, and military employees.
    This needs more work, but would effectively cripple the creation of federal leviathans, provide a natural check on the passage of too many laws and regulations, and stop the problem of career politicians in its tracks.

  8. Dave Smith

    If Texas is successful at seceding and becoming it’s own country, I and many others around the U.S. would gladly move there.

  9. Pam Darbonne

    What about gun control? I really don’t care to give mine up. We hunt & God blessed Texas with 1000’s of acres to hunt on. Will we still be allowed to hunt?

  10. Raul

    Found your website today. I am very impressed by your writings. I, too, have worked on a new constitution for a new country. I believe secession is lawful and compatible with Abraham Lincoln and the US Supreme Court’s opinion in Texas v White. To be lawful, the secession cannot be due to the outcome of a fair democratic election. In 1860, the South seceded because of the election of Lincoln. Lincoln had to show the world and posterity that a Democracy could endure and not factionalize simply because someone’s candidate lost. How could any such Democracy endure? Lincoln saved Democracy, with Union the champion and bulwark. In 1776, secession occurred not because of the natural function of a Democracy, but because of what the King had done and continued to do. Anyhow, I believe we can secede peacefully. In order to secede, Texas would have to send representatives to the other forty-nine States and ask to leave. If ALL the other States unanimously agree, Texas, indeed, any State, can secede.

  11. Shuckins did you not see that this constitution includes the US Bill of Rights and I hope will interpret the 2nd amendment correctly as a well armed militia. Besides you need a fully auto AR to stop a razorback sometimes. I am a firm believer in Armed Trained Citizens.

  12. casey

    I absolutly love the idea i would hate to see texas go down tlike the US

  13. paul holland

    I wish we would secede.

  14. Lauren

    Well now that Puerto Rico is destined to become the 51st state I say lets save the good ole unUnited States the trouble of having to make new flags an do this now!

  15. Gary Olson

    “…or require all workers in Texas to have Health Savings Accounts.” This should not be included as it impedes on the ability of an individual to make responsible choices.

    The original framers of the US Constitution implied that every individual has the right, if not the duty, to accept responsibility for themselves and their actions. Too many US laws and policies encourage or require the individual to appoint or name a third party as responsible for that individual and their actions. I think this Constitution should explicitly state the right of the individual to be responsible.

    “..and initial equity requirements for home buyers that it deems consistent with market practices” Again inserting the state directly into the actions of the individual and failing to allow the individual to accept responsibility.

    Set the currency equivalent to Australian dollars; they will be fully backed by the reserves of their metals.

  16. Cherise Poland

    I’m moving to Texas!!!!!

  17. Stacey T

    How do we bring this about…it is time for Texans to take a stand…we have been “the little red hen” for far too long…Please give us some direction in what needs to be done!
    Stacey T


    Stacey T. I am in with you. How do we do this thing?

  19. There is a petition for Texas secession at I don’t have the exact link, look under petitions. The petition was started in Arlington, TX on 9 November 2012. It already has over 95,000 signatures in just three days. Supposedly, once the petition has 25,000 signatures, Obama would have to look at it.

  20. gestr

    Love the Free Texas Constitution! God bless you!

  21. jess91

    Love this, so much. What about some of these more liberal laws being passed in other states? What would our stance be on gay marriage or legalizing marijana? Would it be up to the citizens of Texas to vote on that?

  22. Dixietex62

    The politicans and Rick Perry would never let this happen, because the politicans in Austin are as corrupt as Washington. I live in Texas and would love to see this happen.

  23. Thanks very much for the comment on my Free Republic post.
    In my opinion, I believe that the key is to get a number of groups in and from several states together to form a real pan-state movement. Texas though by itself does in fact have the strongest argument in support of secession.

    • freetexasconstitution

      Actually, combining with other states might be detrimental to Texas. What we want is the economic boom that will result from people moving here. If our secession was combined with other states, that movement would be diluted.

    According to the documents on this website, Texans do not need to seceed. They voluntarily annexed themselves into the U.S. in 1845 and they only need to annex themselves back as a Sovererign Republic by popular vote. It will be a matter of desparate survival to annex at some point (my guess in 3 years) as the world order will be dangerously strained with the EU’s currency collapsing and the U.S. propping it up while devalueing our own currency in the process (whatever is actually left of our currency at the time!). EVERY State will forget to breathe as they watch the United States get taken in the abyss of financial malfeasense of the ill fated EU. Plus, at this time, I will guess, the Middle East problems will escalate so severely that the United States will be directly threatened with missle fire instigated by Russia and China as they continue to arm the mideast for this sole purpose to distract the US from their covert operations as they rerout oil pipelines to their respective countries much the way France did with Iraq oil under Sadam Hussein. They will do this to countries with toppled governments and supplying the Muslim brotherhood with arms in order to keep them indefintely occupied in Gihad. While under the pretext to repair oil wells, China and Russia divyup the spoils instead! Although Obama will talk real tough to Texas threatening to send in the National Guard, Texas will talk back equally tough telling him their National Guard and Texas Rangers will be waiting for them … virtually telling him go ‘F’ himself! Oabma will send inthe National Guards alright, but NOT to Texas…he will put all our Guards on active duty and set curfews in all States incase there are uprisings in an attempt to ‘pull power’; and intimidate! Western States will not be intimidated one bit, but will get a little comic relief out of it wondering if his telprompter instructs him to “get tough when you say this” .Basically Obama backs down as he goes into ‘through the nite sessions with his cronnies’ to find ways to punish Texas instead!

    My advice to these ‘secession’ efforts so to First: change the terminology to Annexation …Second: start formualting the Preparation Manual that will be given to all Texans of Authority and Concern (including Politicians, Business bigwigs, HIstorians, Church leaders and Like minded Intellectuals )as to how the new Republic of Texas will conduct their affairs..a general blueprint will suffice…Third:Plan now for closed door Annexation Conferences that will start the ball rolling at the precise time of European Financial Collapse (timing is crucial!) This is also when the New Texas Republic Manuals will be distributed and discussed… Fourth: A simple approach to VOTING for ANNEXATION should be formulated so that when the time is right, the How To will be ready to serve as a guide. and lastly: A Team is necessary to formulate this annexation process….keep it small (5-13 really smart men and women ) and don’t concern yourself with getting the public to side with these efforts…when the time comes..they will welcme it with open arms, so desperate will the US be at the time! One more thing…as soon as the annexation vote date is set, publically, simultaneously advertise that Texas will continue to allow free movement between State borders, but after annexation, borders will be secured and a Visa would be necessary to enter the Republic, though anyone could leave without permission. Therefore advertise nationally, that Texas will permit other Americans to settle there and will automatically be considered one of its citizens, but afterwards, they would have to apply for citizenship! This will send the point home t hat Texas is not fooling around,a nd also, that the influx of new ‘Texans’ will be a wonderful boost for the moral and the economy! God Bless! You are in my prayers!

    • Cherise Poland

      Wow!! I didn’t realize that things were this serious. Most Americans obviously, myself included, have no idea of the scope of our problems. So much for “transparency”. Thanks for the heads up and eye-opening info.

  25. JohnnyO

    I agreed with this document until I got to the part that says only property owners or those who have passed certain public school subjects can vote. That is undemocratic.

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